Maltese cuisine is a unique mixture of Arabic and Italian flavors unlike anything you’ve tried! Traditional Maltese ingredients include rabbit, pork, cheese, pasta, olive oil, vegetables, fish, tomatoes, and flatbreads. The island of Gozo offers its own special gastronomy, which can be sampled at these awesome restaurants in Gozo!

Unwind in Gozo and enjoy the good food and wine. Look out for the traditional village bakeries to get an authenitc ftira or sit back and relax in one of the many restaurants and take in the taste of fresh food and salty air, all seasoned by the Mediterranean…life enjoyed in Gozo in its simplicity, is pure luxury.

Gozo’s multi layered history, its position on one of the oldest maritime trading routes in the world between Europe and Africa, and the fertile land of the island have combined to create a richly varied and distinctive cuisine.

The Phoenicians, the Romans and the Arabs brought new vegetables, spices and ways of preparing meat and fish, which were later refined during the medieval era of the Aragonese and by the Knights of Saint John.

The British colonial era brought not only the typically Anglo Saxon favourites of heavy puddings and jams, but also influences of the Indian sub continent, with chutneys and spicy preserves which now feature in the Gozitan diet.

If you’re not sure where to go to for dinner this week and are looking for something a bit different, we’ve got something a little bit out of your way. It’s home to some great bars, amazing sweet shops and some of the biggest and best burgers in the archipelago – Gozo is an absolute must for you this winter.

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